Which One of the Following Connects the Different Parts of a Computer Which is Usually Made up of Wires?

  1. URLs
  2. Modem
  3. Buses
  4. CPUs
Nitin Baudh Learner Asked on 20th September 2015 in Computers.
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    Buses connect the different parts of a computer which is usually made up of wires.  In a computer, the means of Bus system is a way that moves and transfer data from one part of a computer to another. The aim of buses is to detract the a number of “route” needed for communication between the components by carrying out all communication over a single data channel. There is example of computer buses AGP, ATA, IDE, PATA, PC Card, SATA, USB.

    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 20th September 2015.
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