How is RATIO be written in that code?

If in a code language, the RADIO is written as ABCDE and BROADCAST is written FAEBCGBHI, how is RATIO be written in that code?

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    Answer: (a) ABIDE 

    R     A     D      I        O             &    B      R     O      A     D      C      A     S      T  
    A     B     C      D      E                      F      A     E        B    C       G      B     H    I

    Same as, 
    R     A     T      I       O
    A     B     I       D      E

    Then, RATIO is written as ABIDE. 

    Hence, the correct answer is option (a) ABIDE. 

    Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 4th May 2016.
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