Indian Universal Immunization Program includes vaccanes for diseases like


Which of the following vaccines for diseases was not recently included in India’s Universal Immunization Programme ?

  1. Rotavirus
  2. Rubella
  3. Japanese Encephalitis
  4. Malaria
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    Answer: Malaria

    Explanation: In 1985, Indian government announced a vaccination program under the name Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) to ensure safe motherhood and better higher survival rate of newly born children.

    List of diseases under UIP: There are a total of 11 vaccine preventable diseases listed under Universal Immunization Programme.

    1. Tetnus
    2. Tuberculosis
    3. Poliomyelitis
    4. Diphtheria
    5. Measles
    6. Pertussis
    7. Hapatitis B  (added in 2007)
    8. Rotavirus
    9. Japanese Encephalitis
    10. Rubella
    11. Injectable Polio vaccine

    Last 4 vaccines were added recently in year 2014.

    Pushpendra Pal Dean Answered on 27th October 2014.
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