Match the Following:

I                                      II

A. Ascorbic acid                       1. Photosynthetic pigment
B. Chlorophy II                        2. Quencher
C. Carotenoid                           3. Enzyme
D. Superoxide dismutase       4. Vitamin-C

Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 8th August 2015 in Science.
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    • Ascorbic acid – Vitamin C Ascorbic acid is used to prevent or treat low levels of vitamin C in people who do not get enough of the vitamin from their diets. Vitamin C plays a significant role in the body. Ascorbic Acid is a natural water-soluble Vitamin.
    • Chlorophyll – Photosynthetic pigment, Photosynthesis is plant dependent upon capturing light energy int he pigment chlorophyll.
    • Carotenoid – Quencher
    • Superoxide dismutase – Enzyme
    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 3rd September 2015.
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