Find Out the Odd Word :

Directions (Q. No. 1-5) Choose the odd word

  1. (a) New Delhi             (b) Allahabad           (c) Pune             (d) Varanasi
  2. (a) Tiger                       (b) Lion                     (c) Cow              (d) Fox
  3. (a) Ganga                     (b) Yamuna              (d) Caveri          (d) Himalya
  4. (a) East                         (b) Sky                       (c) West            (d) South
  5. (a) Tennis                     (b) Cricket                (c) Ball              (d) Football


Anurag Mishra Professor Asked on 26th November 2015 in No Category.
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      1. Answer: (a) New Delhi 
        New Delhi is the Capital of India but rest are the cities of India.
        Hence, the answer is (a) New Delhi.
      2. Answer: (c) Cow
        Cow is a pet animal but rest are the wild animal.
        Hence, the answer is (c) Cow.
      3. Answer: (d) Himalaya
        Himalaya is a mountain but rest are the rivers.
        Hence, the answer is (d) Himalaya.
      4. Answer: (d) Sky
        is not a direction but rest are direction East, West  and South.  
      1. Answer: (c) Ball 
        Ball is an instrument of a sport. which used to paly a sport.
        Rest are sport game name. 


    Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 26th November 2015.
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