How is Person Related to Nidhi? If

Pointing towards a person in a photograph, Nidhi said, “He is the only son of the father of my sister’s brother.” How is that person is related to Nidhi?

  • Nidhi’s Father
  • Nidhi’s Mother
  • Nidhi’s Brother
  • Maternal Uncle
vijay Professor Asked on 22nd July 2015 in Puzzles.
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    Answer: (3) Nidhi’s brother
    Sister’s brother of Nidhi means brother of Nidhi.
    Father of of Sister means father of Nidhi.
    Therefore, person in a photograph is the brother of Nidhi.
    Hence, the answer is (3) Nidhi’s brother.

    Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 31st July 2015.
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