What is the Watch Price? If

A man bought a watch at 25% discount on the original price. He got Rs. 40 more than the original price by selling it at 140% of the price at which he bought. The price of buying the watch was:

  1. Rs.900
  2. Rs.600
  3. Rs.800
  4. Rs.700
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 7th July 2015 in Maths.
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    Answer …(2) Rs.600

    let original price is X,
    Discount = 25% of x=25x/100 ,

    Cost Price =x-25x/100 =75x/100

    Selling price =140% of C.P. =(75x/100) X 140/100 = 1.05x

    Since selling price is Rs. 40 more than Original Price

    Therefore ..               1.05x-x=40
    x= 800

    Hence  Cost Price is         (75X800)/100=600Rs.

    Dilshad230 Newbie Answered on 8th February 2016.
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