Who is the Shorter Among Them? If

Keshav is taller than Vijay but shorter than Nitin, Nitin is taller than Kishan but shorter than Amar. If Vijay is taller than Krishan than who is the shortest, then who is the shortest among them?

  1. Keshav
  2. Vijay
  3. Nitin
  4. Kishan
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    Answer: (4) Krishna
    Keshav is taller than Vijay but shorter than Nitin.
    Then, Nitin > Keshav > Vijay

    Nitin is taller than Krishna but shorter than Amar.
    then, Amar > Ntitin > Krishna
    Vijay is the taller than Krishna.
    then, Vijay > Krishna

    Thus,  Amar >  Nitin > Keshav > Vijay > Krishna.

    Hence, the shortest is Krishna.

    Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 3rd June 2015.
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