What will be the Width of the Rectangle? If

The area of a rectangle with a side 144 m long is the same as that of a square having a side 84 m long. The width of the rectangle is:

  1. 7 cm
  2. 14 cm
  3. 49 cm
  4. Can’t be determined
Harsh Vardhan Professor Asked on 29th July 2015 in Maths.
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    Answer: (3) 49 m
    Let the width of the rectangle = X m
    The side of a square = 84 m
    The area of a square = side x side

    Then the area of the square = 84 x 84
    = 7056

    The area of the square = the area of the rectangle    (According to question)
    Then,  144 x X = 7056                           (length of the rectangle = 144, Given in the question)
    X = 7056/144
    X = 49 m
    Hence, the width of the rectangle is 49 m.

    Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 29th July 2015.
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