Pushpendra Pal
Feb 25 th, 2017

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8 Tips to get 100 marks in Board Exam

The board exams season in going on for 10 & 12th class students. Edupil is came up with tips and strategies to score maximum marks in these exams without getting mental tension.

During my board exam for 10th class I was among top 100 students. Following my experience & strategies you can also get maximum marks in board exams.

Tricks & Strategies to Score 95% in Board Exams:

1. Stay away from Cellphone & Social Media:

Facebook, Whatsapp and other internet based social media platform are the biggest distraction for today students. They not even kill your time but also increase tension in mind. Try to stay away from cellphone and DO NOT use social media services for 3 months. Also avoid TV, movies and daily soaps.

8 Tips to get 100 marks in Board Exam

2. Get a clear idea about Syllabus:

Many students score low marks in exam because they did not know the exact syllabus for that subject. Read carefully exam syllabus for every subject, this will give you clear road map for study. After school classes revise every topic covered that day at home.

3. Rely only on Syllabus Books:

NCERT books and other books prescribed by board are the best study material you can get. Try to highlight important points and formulae on textbooks to locate them easily. Note down and revise these points on a timely manner.

4. Use Online Video Tutorials:

In this internet age, there are many companies offer online course material in text, images and video format. You can visit these websites and YouTube. Khan Academy on YouTube provides in-depth video tutorial on almost all the topics from school to PhD level. On these websites you can get computer based learning tools that will provide interactive video lessons of 1000+ hours of engaging videos covering all concepts. Join their learning pack and get in-depth understanding using animated videos on every topic related to your studies.

5. Emphasis on your weaker topics:

It’s a good practice to revise again and again those topics which are less known to you. Ask your friends or get help from teachers to get a clear idea about that topic. If you want to get maximum marks then concentrate to improve weaker topics and subjects.

Formula’s, Theorems, Definitions, diagrams, tables or graphs must be understood and learn because they are asked in exams.

6. Solve Previous Year Papers:

Only solving book questions will not help you to score 90+ marks. You must solve last ten years’ question papers before going to final exam. If you find any problem or doubt in solving any question, make sure you have it resolved by yourself or with the help of teacher. Try to solve these paper within 2:30 hrs of time.

There are chances that previous year exam questions will repeat again and you will get good marks by answering or solving them.

7. Make Timetable for Study:

Make a written time table for exam preparation and must allocate time for each subject. Wake up early in the morning and learn lessons in that time, it makes easy to recall that topic. Study time can vary from early in the morning or late at night. Select an empty, sound proof and distraction free space for study.

8. Before Exam Day:

Keep Calm & Sleep well to relax your mind. Ensure that you have at least 7 hours of sound sleep everyday and have 3-4 healthy meals every day. Reach exam center at least 20 minutes before exam to avoid pressure and unnecessary hazels.

You can make a small group of friends and try to study in group. This will make you cover more topics in less duration of time.

All the very best for your exams.


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