Pushpendra Pal
Jan 8 th, 2018

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The world is a constantly evolving one. Technology has also been evolving ever since. With the sudden surge in the number of companies working with technology, the necessity for engineers increased, which in turn increased the number of engineering colleges and the number of engineering graduates every year, until it reached saturation, which is really egregious and hinders growth.

On the other side, with the never-dying craze for Medical courses, students and parents still prefer medical courses to engineering courses. With the recently introduced National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET), even students from a poor background are able to pursue medicine. Students can fill up the NEET Application form which is available on the official site and give the exam a try. Then there are Engineering exams such as JEE Main, Josaa for government exams and University Exams such as AKTU for getting a placement in the college.

Learning language and literature has become more important to understand the market trend and communicate with people accordingly. Arts and Literature courses are being introduced even in engineering curriculum so that students can cope up with upcoming trends. Humanities inculcates moral values and ethics within students. Gone are the days when engineering and medicine were revered, and humanities were thought as something only in the abstract, as people are slowly realizing the importance of these areas, and also owing to the fact that there are umpteen opportunities available in humanities that students can choose from.

The world is coming closer by digital means, and one needs to have skills which are multifaceted to favor the integration of businesses. The major reason for the popularity of humanities is that without humanities, there can be no notable changes in the living standard of people. Engineering may improve standards physically, but humanities improve the mental standard of people. With over 2 million engineers graduating every year, only 25%(approx.) of them are actually employable and the rest of them are lagging in several qualities. But humanities domain has seen a significant surge in the job opportunities over the past few years, and this is also one of the reasons why students are shifting from engineering to humanities. Hence assumptions made by people were erroneous. Awareness caused by social media is one of the major reasons for this shift. People have come to know about the pros of arts and humanities, as they were kept in the dark and only exposed to science and technology.

Even with medicine, several students are not able to make it into a medical college due to their marks. Owing to the less number of medical seats in India, there is heavy competition for the same, and many are not able to make it. Courses like Biotechnology, Bio-Engineering, Bio-Chemistry, etc., are being introduced in Engineering colleges. Students who are not able to secure admission with Medical colleges, take up these courses if they are interested in the subject. Such courses are offered in universities like SGT University. SGT University fees structure is formidable for such courses, and the quality of education is also good. So, candidates can consider taking admission there.

With the growing number of opportunities in every domain, its high time that colleges and the government consider interlinking of courses from each domain and have at least on the inter-disciplinary subject each semester. The passion of the student plays a paramount role in growth as growth in any domain can be achieved only if each and every individual is passionate about it. Hence, it is completely up to the decision of the student on which subject to take up. However, according to the current situation, an amalgamation of arts, science, technology, and medicine would pave way for constant growth.

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