Pushpendra Pal
Dec 1 st, 2017

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Best Tips for exam success from scientists and experienced graduates Preparing for exams? Find out a list of important tips on how to become successful and get the best marks and credits possible at your exams.

Exams are an inevitable part of our lives. You can hardly find someone, who has never passed any tests. Furthermore, your school and college exams are not the final stage of your education: you might still require passing exams and interviews in your future job. How can you arrange your day to get the maximum from your studies? How can you eliminate this annoying stress and worries? These 10 tips from experienced graduates are ready to help!

  • Arrange your day: The first thing you need to do is to plan your day effectively. Don’t just bury in your books; create a special schedule and determine the working time for each subject. Make sure to make small breaks every 50 minutes. Otherwise, you may overwork easily and get a significant drop in the productivity.
  • Try studying with your friends: Solo studying is the most important thing to get prepared for exams. However, there is a huge amount of material that can be better learned in the form of discussion. Moreover, communication with friends can elevate your mood and provide a positive attitude to tests.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help: Preparing for exams can sometimes become a real challenge to your skills and abilities. However, don’t spend too much time on solving an issue you cannot afford for a long time. Just ask for help your teachers or friends. The question might be not so difficult, as it seemed to be from the first glance.
  • Cope with your feelings: On one hand, little stress before exams can elevate your motivation and make you do the most of your studies. On the other hand, being depressed or frustrated will definitely harm your process of learning. If you feel too tired or overwhelmed, just take a longer break, eat something tasty, make some exercises or just hang on with your fellows for a while.
  • Eat healthy food: Coffee is not the only thing you need during the pre-exams period. Fresh and healthy food will provide you with the vital vitamins for your body and brain. Drinking more water can also significantly decrease your stress levels.
  • Sleep well: Avoid learning at nights. Despite studying at nights is a common practice of thousands of students, this trick can negatively affect your efficiency. Go to bed early and begin your learning process in the morning.
  • Don’t distract: If you plan your day carefully, avoid working in diverting environment. Don’t check feed on social media or make an extra cup of tea out of your schedule. All these factors disrupt your work and slow down the educational process.
  • Use all your senses: The best way to learn the maximum is to use different senses for receiving the information. Listen to audio lectures and watch the video along with reading books.
  • Use additional apps and services: If you cannot afford an enormous amount of tasks and assignments, you can find some aid on the Internet. There are numerous services that can easily help you to create unique essays and solve plenty of other issues. No worries, these guys know their job perfectly.
  • Make notes: Make sure to make small notes during reading, especially when it comes to high volumes of information. First of all, it will help you to remember everything much easier. Second, you may take a look through your notes right before the exam and revise the most important moments.

What Should You Do In The Morning Before the Exam?

Get up early and prepare a light breakfast, since hunger may become really diverting. Another important thing comes to your garments. Make sure to wear the most convenient clothes you have for feeling maximum comfort. Be on time and don’t forget your documents (it’s a good idea to prepare all the needed things, notes and ID in the evening before the exam).

When you receive your questions, don’t panic. Start with the easiest questions and then move to the most difficult ones. And, the most necessary thing, just believe in yourself!

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