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Jan 23 rd, 2018

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Do you want to become a successful author with a name among the great? If you do, this post has expert tips to help you succeed.

Expert Tips to Make You a Distinguished Author

Are you serious about making a career out of writing after your college graduation? If you are, then it is necessary to arm yourself with the secrets that drive the success of writers who have made it in the industry. To help you prepare for it, our team of professional college paper writers has assembled top secrets that will help you to navigate professional writing and get your name among the leading authors in this generation. In this post, we shall share little secrets you can apply irrespective of the genre of writing you would like to venture into.

Writing is Hard

The first secret you need to know about writing is that it is hard. I know some of you may think that this statement is paradoxical, but it means just that—hard. If you don’t approach it this way, then you will give up along the way since all your storybook expectations will fizzle even before publishing your first book. You should understand that if you are writing off head, you will have those times when the muse runs dry. The hardest part of the journey is the starting days when you have not established yourself or name among your target audience. Therefore, prepare yourself to pay the price of greatness since nothing great ever comes on a silver platter.

Remember, at this level you will have no opportunities to steal or get the services of an online writer. Instead, it will be you, a blank notebook, and a head that is working around the clock to get inspiration that will impact your readers. Therefore, you will need to exercise yourself with time to overcome all these teething problems and those that will crop along the way.


The second secret you need to know as you prepare for a full-time writing career is passion. Your intelligence matters little in this field if you are not passionate about it. You need to build the passion for the genre of writing you want to venture into where people can look at you and say “This guy eats, drinks, and sleeps writing. In fact, if you cut him, he will bleed writing.” That is the easiest way to determine if you are passionate about your writing career or not. If you don’t have passion, you will have nothing to drive you through the lowest moments when you feel like giving up. Take for instance, what would drive a Kenya marathoner to wake up every morning and start training in the hilly and chilly mountain ranges? Passion.


If you want to make a mark in writing, develop an objective mind and approach to everything you do. It is necessary to develop a purpose for your personal, literary, publishing, and community aspirations.

Build Networks

Another secret that established publishers take advantage of is networking. If you want to make it here, it is prudent to crowdsource your success by building mutual relationships that will give you win-win results. You should connect to engaged and committed communities of the people you serve to assist you because they already know, trust, and like you. If you have a network of people around you as the central beneficiaries of your works, then you will find success and fulfillment in your writing endeavors.


Do you still want to make it big in this field, then you should build and maintain a professional touch in everything you do. It is also prudent to maintain a positive perspective about publishing. Here are some of the things you will need to do:

  • Build a “contentpreneuring” spirit that will enable you to run a business that creates, promotes, and re-purposes a steady stream of scalable content in as many forms, media, and countries as possible
  • Establish a strong personal and corporate brand
  • Optimize technology to develop your innovative and creative genius
  • Commit yourself to a life term of learning


Initially, we saw that writing can be challenging at any stage. Challenges can come at any stage of the journey, and hence, the need for perseverance. If you are looking for a career that will give you instant success, then writing is the wrong bet for you. Therefore, it is beneficial to stay there until you break through or else you will end up breaking down too easily. Some of the virtues that will help you remain persistent as you wait for success to arrive are:

  • Having a courageous approach that does not give up in the face of challenges
  • Being patient and discarding the popular myth of overnight success to avoid distressing yourself with unrealistic expectations
  • Self-discipline to keep you within the path of your dreams and goals even when things are bleak
  • A long-term perspective to everything you do knowing that success in this industry is a marathon, and not a sprint
  • Live a simple life
  • Learn how to celebrate your victories; it will help you to remain focused during tough times

Have a Memorable Author Name

Your name is your primary brand, and hence, you should come up with a simple author name if you don’t have one. The name should be short and unique to help your readers to identify with you. It should also be easy to memorize so that it does not sound like a tongue twister in your readers’ tongue.

Use Short Titles

When packaging your writings, you should use short titles. It is necessary to use a brief and emotive title that is packed with meaning and drama. This shortness will ensure that your title does not shrink to a fingernail when your readers want to access your books on Kindles and other mobile gadgets.

Develop a Unique Voice

Do you want to become a bestseller with your books? Then you need to develop your unique voice before you go public. It is necessary to develop a voice that easily identifies you among your audiences. Your unique voice will help you build a fan base that will remain with you for the long-term. However, you should not force or copy it. Instead, you need to develop this voice naturally and gradually as you grow deeper into the hearts and minds of your readers.

Understand Marketing

Lastly, you should develop a sharp marketing instinct. It is necessary to know how to conduct pre and post publishing marketing so that you don’t waste your time, energy, and money publishing books you will not sell. Your pre launching marketing will assist you in making valuable connections with other people, attracting more buyers, expanding your mailing list, and securing invitations for speaking and guest blogging. Here are some of the strategies that will help you to succeed in your marketing efforts:

  • Creating a landing page for your book on your website
  • Creating a Facebook page for your new publication
  • Reminding your contacts when you intend to launch your books
  • Offering free incentives to get your visitors to join your book’s mailing list

The secrets are out. It is now up to you to grab and use them to prepare yourself for a successful career after your graduation.


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