Match the following Acid Name and source

List A (Name)                                                    List B (Source)
A. Hydrochloric acid                                      1. Vinegar
B. Ascorbic Acid                                                2.Proteins
C. Amino acid                                                     3.Vitamin C
D. Acetic acid                                                     4.Digestive juices

  1. A4, B2, C1, D3
  2. A3, B2, C1, D4
  3. A4 B3 C2 D1
  4. A3, B4, C1, D2
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 4th September 2015 in Science.
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1 Answer(s)

3. A4B3C2D1

sanoopvil Newbie Answered on 28th January 2016.
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