Among the chief source of education available to Tagore :

Read the passage carefully and answer the following (5) five question from 1 to 5 choosing the correct alternatives given.
Among the chief source of education available to Tagore, was a quiet garden, adjoining his family house. Here, he used to spend much of his time absorbing the peace and beauty of nature. It was through this early contact with the nature, he acquired that serenity of mood which distinguished him all his life. It was in this garden too that he came to understand that principle of harmony was at work throughout the universe. At the same time, he formed the habit of observing and reflecting on things.

  1. Tagore spent much of his time in the garden adjoining his family house _____.
    (a) plucking flowers and enjoying their smell.
    (c) enjoying natural peace and beauty.
    (b) loitering and singing
    (d) sleeping and dreaming.
  2. By spending most of his time in the garden Tagore developed the habit of.
    (a) meditating everyday                        (c) being absorbed in poetic thoughts
    (b) taking life easy                                  (d) observing things carefully
  3. To the great poet, the garden adjoining his family house was a ____
    (a) convenient playground.
    (c) beautiful place for writing poetry.
    (b) source of pleasure and entertainment
    (d) means of education
  4. The garden adjoining to the poet’s family house is described as.
    (a) noisy                (b) beautiful             (c) quit               (d) thrilling
  5. The phrase ‘serenity of mood’ in the passage means _____ mood.
    (a) calm and quiet        (b) angry                 (c) rivalry              (d) retaliating


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1 Answer(s)
  1. Answer: (c) enjoying natural peace and beauty

  2. Answer: (d) observing thing carefully

  3. Answer: (d) means of education

  4. Answer: (c) quiet

  5. Answer:  (a) calm and quiet 
Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 17th December 2015.
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