Which can be substituted for the given sentences :

Directions: In the following Four Questions, out of the four alternatives. Choose the one which can be substituted for the given sentences and indicate it by blackening the appropriate circle [·]

  1. An author’s handwritten or typed text, submitted for publication.
    (a) Pamphlet             (b) Manuscript           (c) Papyrus           (d) Replica
  2. With no particular order or plan.
    (a) Hazard                 (b) Hazardous             (c) Hopeless        (d) Haphazard
  3. A position or an office with no work but high salary.
    (a) Sinecure               (b) Tenure                  (c) White collar job  (d) Monarchy
  4. One who deals in furs.
    (a) Tanner                 (b) Furrier                   (c) Lapidist            (d) Drover


Anurag Mishra Professor Asked on 27th December 2015 in English.
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    1. (b) Manuscript
    2. (d) Haphazard
    3. (a) Sinecure
    4. (b) Furrier
    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 29th December 2015.
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