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    Arrange the Following Words as Per Order in the Dictionary:

    A. Hale
    B. Hake
    C. Halt
    D. Hamlet
    E. Ham

    1. B, A, C, E, D
    2. B, C, E, D, A
    3. B, A, D, C, E
    4. A, C, E, B, D
    1 Answers

    Answer:  (1) B, A, C, E, D

    Arrange in dictionary order-
    Hake, Hale, Halt, Ham , Hamlet.

    Then, the words as per in the dictionary order-
    B, A, C, E, D

    Hence, the answer is (1) B, A, C, E, D.

    Answered by Anurag Mishra on 2nd September 2015..