Autumn can be very entertaining for them :

Directions (Question Nos. 1 to 10): In the following passage some of the words have been left out. Rad the passage carefully and choose the correct answer to each question our of the four alternative and fill in the blanks.
Squirrels are __I__ animals in the world. They have the __II__ for rainy days. Autumn can be very entertaining for them. That is the time __III__ the great harvest collection for their winter store. You can __IV__ here and there, collecting nuts of all sorts. Walnuts, beechnuts, chestnuts, dried berries ………. They are not fussy. Relentlessly, they run from their storage point, usually a tree hollow, to the vast amount of wild nuts to be found in the forest.
These beautiful animals are house-proud. They take great paints to ensure that _V_ and warm enough to tide them over the harsh winter. You __VI__ busily collecting soft  pieces of bark, wood and leaved to line their nests. After all their __VII__, and when the first, cold hard frost arrives, they __VIII___ inside their nests for the duration/rest of the cold spell. There, _IX_ till it is warm enough to bring our their stored food. Ah but then again, they are most forgetful little animals and it is not unusual to see squirrels __X__ their boards.

  1. (a) (I) the more resource                                      (c) (I) the most resource
    (b) (I) the most resourceful                                 (d) (I) this most resourceful 
  2. (II) knack of saving up                                          (c) (II) knack of saving on
    (b) (II) knack of saving down                              (d) (II) knack of saved up
  3. (a) (III) when they begin                                       (c) (III) when them begin
    (b) (III) when their begin                                      (d) (III) what they begin
  4. (a) (IV) seeing them scampered                           (c) (IV) see their scampering
    (b) (IV) seen them scampering                             (d) (IV) see them scampering
  5. (a) (V) their nest is securing                                 (c) (V) they nest is secure
    (b) (V) their nest is secure                                     (d) (V) there nest is secure
  6. (a) (VI) is saw them                                                (c) (VI) will see them
    (b) (VI) will saw them                                            (d) (VI) will seen them
  7. (a) (VII) scavenging is done                                (c) (VII) scavenged is done
    (b) (VII) scavenging is doing                              (d) (VII) scavenged was done
  8. (a) (VIII) are seal themselves                            (c) (VIII) will seal themselves
    (b) (VIII) will be seal themselves                     (d) (VIIIV) will sealing themselves
  9. (a) (IX) they will hibernate                               (c) (IX) they are hibernated
    (b) (IX) them will hibernate                             (d) (IX) they will hibernating
  10. (a) (X) search desperate at                                (c) (X) searching desperately
    (b) (X) searching desperate for                        (d) (X) searched desperately for


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1 Answer(s)
  1. Answer: (b) I The most resourceful

  2. Answer: (d) II knack of saving up

  3. Answer: (a) III when they begin

  4. Answer: (d) IV  See then scampering

  5. Answer: (b) V their nest is secure

  6. Answer: (c) VI Will see them

  7. Answer: (a) VII Scavenging is done

  8. Answer:  (c) VIII Will sea themselves

  9. Answer:  (a) IX they will hibernate

  10. Answer:  (d) X searching desperately for 
Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 20th December 2015.
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