Bahujan Samaj Party does not Represent which Section of the Society?

  1. Dalits
  2. Adivasis
  3. OBCs
  4. Trade Unions
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 22nd May 2015 in Politics.
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    Option 4 is the right answer.

    Bahujan Samaj Party ( BSP ) is a National Political Party of India . It represents the Schedule Cast , Schedule Tribes or Other Backward Castes and Minorities in India . It was Founded by the Political Leader Kanshi Ram in 1984 .
    BSP is third most voted party in India in the 2014 General  Election . Mayawati is the Head Person of the party . This party is mainly based in Uttar Pradesh. An Elephant is the symbol of the party.
    The Bahujan Word is derived from Buddhist Texts.

    Harsh Vardhan Professor Answered on 22nd May 2015.
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