The Biggest Delta in the World is the

  1. Caspian Delta
  2.  Nippon Delta
  3.  Sicily Delta
  4.  Ganges Delta
Manish Listener Asked on 16th June 2015 in General Knowledge.
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    Ganges Delta

    A landform that forms at the mouth of a river, where the river flows into an ocean, sea or lake . The word largest delta is situated in the south Asian region of Bengal, Bangladesh and West Bengal. World largest delta Ganges Delta also known as the Sunderbans or Ganges- Brahmaputra Delta.  It’s spreads over 54 island and two countries and is part of the world’s largest delta region. In 1997, UNESCO awarded a World Heritage Site of this site. It had earlier been selected as a Tiger reserve in December 1973.
    The annual rainfall in the delta is between 80 and 120 inches. This is a place which is best known for his cat species, Axis deer, wild boar, Rhesus Monkeys and largest estuarine crocodile in the world. The Sundarbans Tiger Project was started in 1974 and has an are of 2585 sq. kms.

    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 17th June 2015.
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