What is “Biodiversity” ?

  1. Many types of flora & fauna in one forest
  2. Many types of flora and fauna in many forest
  3. many population of one species in one forest
  4. All the above are true
ekta Default Asked on 22nd July 2015 in Biology.
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Many types of flora & fauna in one forest

Biodiversity can be measured on three levels which are Species diversity, Ecosystem diversity, Genetic diversity. It’s mark to the variety living things like as plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, etc. Biodiversity is often used to describe the total number of different species within an ecosystem.

Biodiversity is throughout on land and water with include many type organisms, from microscopic bacteria to more complex plants and animals. eight percent biodiversity of the world is found in the India with 16 type of forest.

Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 25th July 2015.
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