The Term Brown air is used for

  1. Acid Fumes
  2. Photochemical Smog
  3. Sulfurous smog
  4. Sulfurous Smog
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Ans is Photochemical smog.The brown coloration is due to the NOx in the photochemical smog

sumit06107 Default Answered on 9th August 2015.
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Photochemical smog

Amit Newbie Answered on 9th August 2015.
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Photochemical smog

The term Brown air is used for Photochemical smog. This smog is a type of air pollution. This is a mixture of smoke and fog.  It was first described in the 1950s. When nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) react to sunlight, creating a brown mist above cities. It tends to occur more often in summer, because that is when we have the utmost sunlight.

Photochemical smog is composed of primary and secondary pollutants.
Primary Pollutants: The two major primary pollutants, nitrogen oxides and VOCs, combine to change in sunlight in a series of chemical reactions, outlined below, to create what are known as secondary pollutants

Secondary Pollutants: The secondary pollutant that causes the most concern in the ozone that forms at ground level. While ozone is produced naturally in the upper atmosphere, it is a dangerous substance when found at ground level. Many other hazardous substances are also formed, such as peroxyacetyl nitrate.

Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 1st September 2015.
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