Chinese Travelers Visited India Primarily because

  1. They were interested in Buddhism
  2. They were invited by the Indian kings
  3. They were interest to study  Indian Culture
  4. They were interested to stay in India
Manish Listener Asked on 7th June 2015 in History.
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They were interested in Buddhism

Ancient India there were two greatest chines visitor Faxian and Xuanzang. Faxian is known as Fa hein, he was came India in the begging of 5th century A.D. He was the first chines monk who visits India. He was a Chinese Buddhist monk, pilgrim ttraveler and writer, author of one of the earliest and most valuable Chinese accounts of India. He came India to Visit Buddhist place and to collect sacred work connected with the life and the teachings of the Buddha. He entered India from North West and reached patliputr. Fa hein visit India in the period of Chandragupt II.

Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 7th June 2015.
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