Which come only once a year, are a good source of meat and hide :

Directions:In the following passage some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternatives and fill in the blanks:

The Red Indians (i) for the arrival fo the bison. The beasts, which come only once a year, are a good source of meat and hide. The Red Indian (ii) to survive the cold, bitter winter.
Tikki, the young boy, (iii) to look out for the herd’s arrival. Everyday, he (iv) to the top of the hill to se if he could spot them on the horizon.
One night, while he (v), the ground shook (vi) and his bag of arrows fell off from its hook on the wall. Tikki (vii) of his wigwam and felt a strong gust fo wind and dust gush past him. Shouting excitedly, he ran to the other wigwams and  woke everyone up. A big fire (viii) built and the Red Indians danced around it, built and the Red Indians danced around it, giving praises to their God who had, at last, (ix) and clothing of animal hide. The next morning, all the warriors (x) to hunt down the beasts which were grazing near the river.

  1. (i)
    (a) were waiting
    (b) is waiting
    (c) were waited
    (d) are waited
  2. (ii)
    (a) needing these
    (b) needed theses
    (C) needed their
    (d) needing this
  3. (iii)
    (a) was choose
    (b) is choose
    (c) was chose
    (d) was chosen
  4. (iv)
    (a) would running
    (b) will running
    (c) would run
    (d) will be running
  5. (v)
    (a) is sleep
    (b) was sleeping
    (c) was sleep
    (D) were slept
  6. (vi)
    (a) violently
    (b) violence
    (c) violent
    (d) violet
  7. (vii)
    (a) rushing out
    (b) rush out
    (c) rushed out
    (d) rushed in
  8. (viii)
    (a) were immediately
    (b) was immediate
    (c) were immediate
    (d) was immediately
  9. (ix)
    (a) send them
    (b) sent them
    (c) sent their
    (d) send their
  10. (x)
    (a) is assigned
    (b) was assigning
    (c) were assigned
    (d) were assigning
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