Which Computer is Portable and Easy to Carry by Travelers is-

  1. Super computer
  2. Laptop
  3. Minicomputer
  4. File servers
Desire Adnan Default Asked on 31st July 2015 in Computers.
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    The laptop is portable and easy to carry by travelers. The laptop is British Designer Bill Moggridge which was invented in 1979.  The laptop is the great electronic innovations in this time. Laptop used by us for various purpose like browsing internet, gaming, making a presentation, sending emails etc. The Original inspiration for the design of the ThinkPad came from the Japanese Bento-Bako box.  You know that the most expensive laptop in the world Dutch manufacturers of computers. The thinnest notebook in the world! The company Sony surprise the world by releasing a laptop with thickness of 8 mm, of which 5 mm shell thinness of 3 mm.

    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 31st July 2015.
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