‘Cotapaxi’ is an active volcano situated in

  1. Sicily
  2. Hawaii
  3. Andes
  4. Rockies
Pushpendra Pal Dean Asked on 15th October 2017 in Geography.
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    Answer: 3 – Andes

    Cotopaxi is an active volcano in the Andes Mountains, located in the Latacunga canton of Cotopaxi Province, about 50 km south of Quito, and 33 km northeast of the city of Latacunga, Ecuador, in South America

    Cotapaxi is the second highest summit in Ecuador, reaching a height of 5,897 m (19,347 ft). It is one of the world’s highest volcanoes.

    Pushpendra Pal Dean Answered on 15th October 2017.
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