Dilwara Temple is at:

  1. Khajuraho
  2. Mount Abu
  3. Bhubneshwar
  4. Eilora
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 23rd August 2015 in Religion.
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    Mount Abu

    Dilwara Temple is at Mount Abu.  Dilwara is a Jain temple which is constructed by the  Vastupal- Tejpal. This temple is famous for his artistic work. It is a famous Jainism pilgrimage site.  This temple consists of five major sections or temples devoted five Jain trithankaras.

    • Shri Mahaveer Swami Temple
    • Shri Adinath Temple or Vimal Vasahi Temple
    • Shri ParshavaNath Temple or Khartar Vasahi Temple
    • Shri Rishabdaoji Temple or Peethalhar Temple
    • Shri NemiNathJi Temple or Luna Vasahi Temple

    According to the inscription Mount Abu was basically a seat of Saivism and Jainism made its appearance only in the 11th century. The first Jain temple of Dilwara,  the Vimala Vasahi was built in 1032 A.D. by Vimala Shah, minister of Bhimadeva I. Besides the famous temple at Abu, there are five temples of Neminatha at Giranar, built in honour of Vastupala’s wife Lalita Devi.

    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 2nd September 2015.
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