How Much Distance Cover by Man on Foot? If

The man travelled a distance of 80 km in 7 hrs partly on foot at the rate of 8 km per hour and partly on the bicycle at 16 km per hour. The distance travelled ion the foot is

  1. 32 km
  2. 48 km
  3. 36 km
  4. 44 km
Manish Listener Asked on 15th July 2015 in Maths.
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    Answer: (1). 32 km

    The total distance travelled by man is 80 km, the time was taken to complete this distance is 7 hours, the distance is travelled in partly by on foot at rate 8 km/h or by bicycle 16km/h.

    So the journey is complete in 7 hours. therefore, the distance travelled by on foot is 32 km in 4 hours and next 48 km distance is travelled by bicycle in 3 hours. Sinc, total distance travelled is 80 km and the total time was taken = 7 hours.
    Total distance = 32 km + 48 km = 80 km and Total time taken is 4 hours + 3 hours = 7 hours.

    vijay Professor Answered on 15th July 2015.
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