States of India Indicates the Easternmost and Westernmost State

Which one of the following pairs of States of India indicates the easternmost and westernmost State?

  1. Assam and Rajasthan
  2. Assam and Gujarat
  3. Arunachal Pradesh and Rajasthan
  4. Arunachal Pradesh and Gujarat
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 26th August 2015 in Geography.
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Answer:  (4) Arunachal Pradesh and Gujrat

Arunachal Pradesh and Gujarat States of India indicates the easternmost and westernmost State.

Arunachal Pradesh is located in northeast India. The capital of Arunachal Pradesh is Itanagar.  The border states of its state are Assam and Nagaland in the South direction. The mostly part of this state covered by Himalaya. The Economic of Hiamchal Pradedh mostly depend on “Jhoom” agriculture.

Gujrat is a western state of India. Gandh Nagar is the capital of Gujrat. The North-West border of is the international border. Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh states are located in north direction of Gujrat. Dadra and Nagar Haveli states are located in the south of this state.

Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 26th August 2015.
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