Evaluating cognitive and co-cognitive aspects with regularity

Match the items of the first set with that of the second set in respect of evaluation system Choose the correct code:
Set-I                                                                      Set-II
A. Formative evaluation                                                i. Evaluating cognitive and co-cognitive aspects with regularity
B. Summative evaluation                                              ii. Tests and their interpretations based on a group and certain
C. Continuous and Comprehensive                          iii. Grading the final learning outcomes
D. Norm and criterion referenced tests                 iv. Quizzes and discussions
A             B             C             D
(a)          iv             iii             I               ii
(b)          I               ii              iii             iv
(c)           iii             iv             ii              i
(d)          I               iii             iv             ii

Anurag Mishra Professor Asked on 12th July 2016 in General Knowledge.
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    Answer: (a) A (iv)   B(iii)  C(i)    D(ii) 

    Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 12th July 2016.
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