Facilitates phosphorus absorption in plants

Study the following lists
List –I                                                    List-II
(A) Methanobacterium                 (I) Facilitates phosphorus absorption in plants
(B) Lactobacillus                                (II) Increases soil fertility
(C) Anabaena                                    (III) Production of biogas
(D) Glomus                                         (IV) Production of alcohol
The correct match is
A             B             C             D
(a)          (III)         (IV)        (II)          (I)
(b)          (III)         (V)          (II)          (IV)
(c)           (I)           (IV)        (III)         (II)
(d)          (IV)        (V)          (II)          (III)

Anurag Mishra Professor Asked on 9th July 2016 in Biology.
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    Answer: (a) (A) (III), (B) (IV),  (C) (II), (D) (I) 

    Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 13th July 2016.
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