Each Question out of the Four Alternatives and Fill in the Blanks :

Directions: Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternatives and fill in the blanks.
Passage (Ten Questions)
In a survey (i) by a library, it was recently (ii) that parents wish their children to read books with high moral (iii). Around two thousand parents were interviewed and most of them (iv). Dickens’ ‘The Christmas Carol’ as a must-read for children. This Christmas tale (v) the filthy rich but (vi) Scrooge and the poor but contented Cratchit family offers lessons in moral duties. Another book which many parents marked out as a (vii) read was Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’. The choice of this book was rather (viii), because, this romantic novel is more likely to (ix) teenagers, than children. Since Elizabeth’s final choice of Darcy is deeply rooted in strong moral (x), the parents, probably thought, she offers a good example for the girl child to follow.

  1. (iii)=?
    (a) dilemma                    (b) deliberation             (c) ground            (d) content
  2. (v)=?
    (a) employing                 (b) revolving                  (c) devolving        (d) involving
  3. (ix)=?
    (a) distract                      (b) attract                       (c) repulse             (d) presume
  4. (ii)=?
    (a) inferred                     (b) exposed                    (c) revealed           (d) concurred
  5. (x)=?
    (a) considerations         (b) discomfort              (c) disturbances      (d) dilemmas
  6. (i)=?
    (a) maintained              (b) circulated                 (c) employed          (d) conducted
  7. (vii)=?
    (a) mandatory              (b) credible                    (c) conclusive          (d) reconciliatory
  8. (viii)=?
    (a) unnerving               (b) unfortunate             (c) unsuspected       (d) unexpected
  9. (vi)=?
    (a) stingy                       (b) fussy                        (c) finicky                    (d) fastidious
  10. (iv)=?
    (a) revised                    (b) remarked                 (c) restored                (d) recommended


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1 Answer(s)
  1. Answer:  (d) content

  2. Answer: (d) involving
  3. Answer: (b) attract
  4. Answer: (c) revealed
  5. Answer: (a) consideration
  6. Answer: (d) conducted
  7. Answer: (a) mandatory
  8. Answer: (d) unexpected
  9. Answer: (a) stingy
  10. Answer: (d) recommended
Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 28th October 2015.
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