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    Financial sector reforms in India consist of

    1. Lowering down of CRR and SLR
    2.  deregulation of rate interest
    3.  Entry of private firms in insurance sector
    4.  All of the above
    Asked by Monis Rasool on 11th May 2015 in Economics.
    1 Answers

    Entry of privates firms in insurance sector

    Financial sector reforms in India consists of entry of private firms in the insurance sector. Financial sector reforms in India were introduced as an integral part of the economic reforms initiated in the early 1990s with a view to improving the macroeconomic performance of the country.

    Financial sector is the backbone of any economy and it plays a crucial role in the mobilisation and allocation of resources.The constituent of the financial sectors are Banks, Financial Institutions, Instrments and markets which organise the resources from the surplus sector and channelise the same to the different needy sectors in the economy

    Answered by Monis Rasool on 29th July 2015..