First of all, I need work, and a decent wage for my work :

First of all, I need work, and a decent wage for my work. Aristotle defined happiness, not as a sum of pleasures, but as unimpeded activity. I want work which is hard but interesting.I am exceptionally lucky because I can choose my own work to a large extent. If I want respite from science I can go and be a war correspondent, or write children’s stories, or make political speeches.


I require friendship. Panicularly I require friendship of my colleagues and comrades in scientific and political work. I want the society of equals who will criticize me, and whom  Ican criticize.

  1. Conjunction in sentence 3 is :
    (A) want                                                      (B) hard(C) but                                                         (D) interesting
  2.  According to Aristotle, happiness is :
    (A) a sum of pleasures                             (B) unimpeded activity
    (C) impeded activity                                 (D) hard work
  3. The author requires friendship of :
    (A) political leaders                                  (B) teachers
    (C) fellow workers                                    (D) young children
  4. How many connectors are there in sentence 5 ? “If l want respite … political speeches.”
    (A) 2                                                             (B) 3
    (C) 4                                                             (D) 5
  5.  Why does the narrator want work ?(A) To get decent wages                           (B) To get happiness
    (C) To make friends                                  (D) To write children’s stories
Anurag Mishra Professor Asked on 13th February 2016 in English.
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