The Folk Dance of Meghalaya is

  • Nati
  • Laho
  • Bamboo dance
  • Khantum


Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 2nd May 2015 in Arts.
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    The Folk Dance of Meghalaya is Laho. Laho dance is performed by the Jaintia tribe, Laho dance is a part of festivities of Behdienkhlam, It is performed by the male and female for entertainment. They dance in their colorful garments.  In this dance male and female holding arms together perform this dance. commonly two young men on side of a girl also, linking arms together, dance in step. In place of usual drum and pipe, a “cheer leader”, a man with the gift of rhythmic recitation, tells ribald couplets, and spectators roll with laughter.

    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 2nd May 2015.
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