By which act laid down for Foundation of Dual Government ?

  1. Pitts India act
  2. Regulating act
  3. Government of India act , 1919
  4. Indian councils act ,1861
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    Government of India act, 1919

    The Government of India act, 1919 laid down the foundation of Dual Government. It is popularly known as Montague-Chelmsford Reformd are

    •  The idea of “Responsible Government” was stressed;
    •  Office of the High Commissioner of India was created in London;
    •  Indian Legislature became “bicameral” for the first time;
    •  Communal representation was extended to Sikhs;
    •  Secretary of State for India was now to be paid from British revenue;
    •  Diarchy was introduced in provinces by dividing subjects of administration between official

    this act was passed by the United Kingdom to expand participation of Indians in the government of India.

    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 17th May 2015.
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