Who Succeeded Guru Nanak ?

  1. Guru Angad
  2. Guru Ramdas
  3. Guru Arjun
  4. Guru Hargobind
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    Guru Angad

    Guru Angad Succeeded Guru Nanak. Sikhism founded by Guru Nanak during the 15th century. Guru Nanak born in 1469 in the Punjab region of India, now in Pakistan. Guru Nanak parents were Hindu. Guru Nanak passed away in A.D. 1538 and was followed by a succession of nine gurus whose names are mentioned below:

    1. Guru Angad (1504-52), Guru Angad Succeeded Guru Nanak, Guru Angad popularized the present form of the Gurmukhi script. It became the medium of writing the Punjab language in which the hymns of the Gurus are expressed. In 1538, Guru Nanak chose Lehna- his disciple to be his successor as Sikhism’s Guru.
    2. Guru Amardas (1552-74)
    3. Guru Ramdas (1574-81)
    4.  Guru Arjan (1581-1606)
    5.  Guru Har Gobind (1606-45)
    6.  Guru Har Rai (1630-1661)
    7.  Guru Har Krishan (1661-64)
    8.  Guru Teg bahadur (1675-1708)
    9.  Guru Gobind Singh (1708-Final and last)

    The Sikh temple is best known as “Gurudwara”. A copy of the Granth is kept in every Gurudwara. The main shrine of the Sikhs is the Golden Temple of Amritsar in Punjab. The Fourth Guru, Guru Ram Das (1534-1581) laid the Temple Foundation.


    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 14th July 2015.
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