I was quite pleased with the doctor’s instruction :

Directions: In the following passage some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternatives and fill in the blanks:
I will always (i) the trip I made to the zoo in 1988. It was then that I (ii) measles from one of my friends, Peter, who had (iii) along too. Before he met us at the zoo, he had gone to visit his cousin who was (iv) from measles. The next day, Peter was (v) of a sore throat, a bad cold and high fever. When he was diagnosed by doctor as having measles, his parents rang me up to warn me that I had been (vi) to measles too. By the next day, I was also showing/having the same symptoms. My doctor (vii) me to stay at home for the next two weeks.
I was quite pleased with the doctor’s instruction. I spent the time reading story-books, (viii) to music and watching television. When I get bored, I would call up Peter, who also had to spend two weeks at home, for a chat. Unfortunately, the two weeks passed too/ by quickly. When we (ix) to school, we had to work twice as hard to (x) with our classmates. It was definitely not worth the ‘holiday’.

  1. (i)
    (a) remember
    (b) remembered
    (c) be remember
    (d) remembering
  2. (ii)
    (a) catch
    (b) will catch
    (c) caught
    (d) catching
  3. (iii)
    (a) went
    (b) gone
    (c) going
    (d) go
  4. (iv)
    (a) recover
    (b) revealed
    (c) removed
    (d) recovering
  5. (v)
    (a) complained
    (b) complain
    (c) complaining
    (d) explained
  6. (vi)
    (a) exposed
    (b) exposing
    (c) expose
    (d) exposable
  7. (vii)
    (a) advise
    (b) advised
    (c) is advised
    (d) advising
  8. (viii)
    (a) listening
    (b) looking
    (c) listen
    (d) listened
  9. (ix)
    (a) returning
    (b) is returned
    (c) return
    (d) returned
  10. (x)
    (a) caught up
    (b) catching up
    (c) catch up
    (d) catch
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