In questions 1-10, identify the logo and select the correct answer from the options below:

  1. 61
    (A) IBM
    (B) BSNL
    (C) TATA
    (D) INTEL
  2. 62
    (A) Facebook
    (B) Firefox
    (C) Faint
    (D) Fendi
  3. 63
    (A) Make in India
    (B) Jaguar
    (C) King Power
    (D) WWF
  4. 64
    (A) Adidas
    (B) Mahindra
    (C) Amazon
    (D) Avon
  5. 65
    (A) Surya
    (B) Aadhar
    (C) Philips
    (D) ONGC
  6. 66
    (A) Mitsubushi
    (B) Mahendra
    (C) Masterchef
    (D) McDonalds
  7. 67
    (A) Chartered Accountant
    (B) Councils of Auditors
    (C) Council of Architecture
    (D) Chamber of Auctioneers
  8. 68
    (A)Airport Authority of India
    (B) Sports Authority of India
    (C) Electricity Commission of India
    (D) Audit and Accounts Commission
  9. 69
    (A) Asian Paints
    (B) Digital India
    (C) Planning Commission
    (D) Smart city
  10. 70
    (A) State Bank of India
    (B) Metro
    (C) Uber
    (D) Oriental Bank of Commerce
Anurag Mishra Professor Asked on 19th April 2016 in General Knowledge.
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    1. (B) BSNL 
    2. (D) Fendi 
    3. (A) Make in India 
    4. (B) Mahindra 
    5. (B) Aadhar 
    6. (C) Master Chef 
    7. None
    8. (A) Airport Authority of India
    9. (D) Smart City
    10. (C) Uber 
    Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 22nd April 2016.
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