If you look around and observe common people, you’ll recognize

If you look around and observe common people, you’ll recognize that, they too have a big dream. They ignore it. They deny it. The even bury it. It also happens due to lack of Knowledge and ignorance about the power of learning.
If you look around and observe excellent people, you’ll recognize that, They have a bid dream. They never ignore it, nor do they deny it. If they had done mistakes in the past, they free themselves from self-contempt. They live their dream by extracting more and more knowledge from the nature, surroundings environment, past experience and most important of all …….their failure. They act in a more mature way by accepting that nobody is perfect! There is always a room for doing things in a batter way.
Excellent people are those who face tremendous setbacks. They don’t succeed because they have an absence of problems, but because they have an abundance of strategies to implement and rise above setbacks.
Not surprisingly, excellent people don’t blame themselves or others for setbacks or don’t even believe in excuses, they believe in results and only results. They know this truth of life that it is a big world out there and in terms of opportunity, its getting bigger all the time.
If you are not fulfilled or as successful or as prosperous as you know you could be, stop making excuses and stop blaming your parents, your education, your surrounding and take tall responsibility for your circumstances. Get up and look for situation you want and if you can’t find it, make it.

Now answer the following questions based on the given passage.

  1. Common people do not realize their dreams due to the ignorance about……..
    (a) the power of learning
    (b) the power of money
    (c) the power of people
    (d) the power of light
  2. Excellent people live their dream by extracting from …….
    (a) nature, social circle and failure
    (b) nature, money and failure
    (c) nature, environment and personal charm
    (d) nature, past experience and failure
  3. Excellent people……
    (a) never face setbacks
    (b) face setbacks
    (c) are always perfect
    (d) are self-contemptuous
  4. The truth of life is in ………
    (a) terms of opportunity
    (b) terms of power
    (c) terms of people
    (d) terms of excuses
  5. If you can’t find the situation you want, you have to ………
    (a) give up
    (b) look around for help
    (c) make it
    (d) postpone it
Anurag Mishra Professor Asked on 24th May 2016 in English.
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