The Underlined Part Which may Improve the Sentence :

Directions: In the following Twenty Two question, a part of the sentence/sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is required, choose “No Improvement” option. Mark your answer in the Answer Sheet.

  1. The criminal was hung to death.
    (a) No improvement                 (b) hang            (c) hunged                       (d) hanged
  2. This matter admits no excuse.
    (a) admits of              (b) No improvement    (c) admits for                     (d) admits to
  3. If the room had been brighter, I would have been able to read for a while before going to bed.
    (a) Had the room been brighter                                 (c) If the room was brighter
    (b) If the room are the brighter                                 (d) No improvement
  4. Many a man have died of
    (a) have died from    (b) have been dying of      (c) No improvement       (d) has died of
  5. My father has been advised to reduce
    (a) No improvement       (b) cut down          (c) lower down                 (d) reduce down
  6. Heartfelt prayers to God will always have expected results.
    (a) have desired results                                   (c) have amazing results                                       (b) have goods results                                      (d) No improvement
  7. He was a failure at art but his last piece was so beautiful that no one could believe he had painted it.
    (a) No improvement                                        (c) breath taking enough to be unreal.
    (b) very realistic and unbelievable               (d) indeed a masterpiece!
  8. My sister does not know whether tomorrow can be a holiday for her.
    (a) whether tomorrow will be a holiday for her
    (b) whether tomorrow is a holiday for her
    (c) whether tomorrow is a holiday to her
    (d) No improvement
  9. They have not and cannot be in the good books of the coach because they lack discipline.
    (a) have not and can never been                        (c) have not and can never be
    (b) have not been and can never be                  (d) No improvement
  10. She is annoying that her father had not accepted her suggestion.
    (a) was to annoy     (b) No improvement       (c) was annoyed               (d) had to annoy
  11. What does agonise me most is not this criticism, but the trivial reason behind it.
    (a) most agonizing me                                        (c) agonises me most
    (b) most agonized me                                         (d) No improvement
  12. Sincerity is always
    (a) No improvement           (b) enhanced             (c) waited                (d) enjoyed
  13. The Louvre, a museum known to everyone in the world, is in Paris.
    (a) No improvement                                     (c) a world-famous museum
    (b) a world-renowned                                  (d) a globally known museum
  14. A hand pump is very easy to work and it can be fitted in every house.
    (a) can be fitting           (b) No improvement     (c) can be fits          (d) could be fitting
  15. I was greatly shocked by the most ruthless
    (a) gruesome               (b) No improvement      (c) loathsome          (d) shocking
  16. Honesty is more superior than
    (a) superior to     (b) No improvement            (c) far superior than     (d) more superior to
  17. I want to admit in a university in the US.
    (a) No improvement                     (b) enter                    (c) enroll              (d) go
  18. No sooner had he reaching the station than the train began to move.
    (a) No sooner had he reach the station than the train begins to move
    (b) No sooner did he reaching the station than the train began to move
    (c) No sooner had he reached the station than the train began to move
    (d) No improvement.
  19. The sun will not rise before an hour.
    (a) No improvement    (b) arise in an hour      (c) rises for an hour         (d) rise in an hour
  20. Listen attention to what I say.
    (a)attentive                  (b) attend                         (c) No improvement       (d) attentively
  21. The old car thumped along over the stony road.
    (a) No improvement       (b) crawled                  (c) creaked                         (d) chugged
  22. He has composed a beautiful song.
    (a) jotted down                 (b) written                   (c) penned                          (d) No improvement
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1 Answer(s)
  1. Answer: (d) hanged

  2. Answer: (a) admits of
  3. Answer: (a) had the room been daughter
  4. Answer: (d) has died of
  5. Answer: (b) cut down
  6. Answer: (c) has good result
  7. Answer: (a) no improvement
  8. Answer: (c) tomorrow is a holiday for her
  9. Answer: (b) have not been and can never be
  10. Answer: (c) was annoyed
  11. Answer: (c) agonises me most
  12. Answer: (a) no improvement
  13. Answer: (b) a globally known museum
  14. Answer: (b) no improvement
  15. Answer: (a) gruesome
  16. Answer: (a) superior to
  17. Answer: (c) enroll
  18. Answer: (c) No sooner had he reached the station than the train began to move
  19. Answer: (d) rise in an hour
  20. Answer: (d) attentively
  21. Answer:  (d) chugged
  22. Answer: (d) no improvement
Anurag Mishra Professor Answered on 27th October 2015.
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