Lothal the Dockyard Site of the Indus Valley Civilization is Situated in

  1. Gujarat
  2.  Punjab
  3.  Pakistan
  4.  Haryana
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Lothal the Dockyard site of the Indus Valley Civilization is Situated in Gujarat. Indus valley civilization is one the oldest civilization in the world. The Period of Indus valley civilization was 2500 B.C to 1500 B.C.  Mohenjo-daro is the largest site and Allahdino is the smallest site of Indus civilization. 


Country State/Province District Site Excavation
India Uttar Pradesh Meerut Alamgirpur Impression of cloth on trough
India Gujarat Saurashtra Babar Kot A stone fortification wall plant remains of millets & gram. bajra etc.
India Haryana Hisar Banawali Barley, terracotta figure of plough
India Uttar Pradesh Saharanpur Bargaon  
India Rajasthan Sri Ganganagar Baror Human skeleton, ornaments, 5 meter long and 3 meter clay oven, a pitcher filler with 8000 thousand pearls
India Gujarat Devbhoomi Dwarka Bet Dwarka Late harappan Seal, inscribed jar, the mould of coppersmith, a copper fishhook
India Gujarat Bharuch Bhagatrav  
India Haryana fatehabad Bhirrana Graffiti of a dancing girl on pottery, which resemles dancing girl statue found at Mohenjo-daro
India Maharashtra Ahmadnagar Daimabad A sculpture of a bronze chariot, 45 cm long and 16 cm wide, yoked to two oxen, driven by a man 16 cm high standing in it; and three other bronze sculptures.
India Gujarat Kutch Desalpur Massive stone fortification, Harappan pottery, two script bearing seals, one of steatite and other of copper were also found; one script bearing terracotta sealing was also found
India Gujarat Kutch Dholavira Figure of chariot tied to a pair of bullocks and driven by a nude human, Water harvesting and number of reservoires, use of rocks for constructions
India Haryana Rohtak Farmana Largest burial site of IVC, with 65 burials
India Gujarat Amreli Gola Dhoro Production of shell bangles, semi precious beads
India Uttar Pradesh Saharanpur Hulas  
India Haryana Kurukshetra jognakhera Copper smelting furances with copper slag and pot shards.
India Rajasthan Hanumangarh Kalibangan baked/burnt bangles, fire altars, small circular pits containing large urns and accoumpained by pottery
India Haryana Hisar Kanwari Pottery, unexcavated site available for excavation by contacting villagers
India Rajasthan Hanumangarh karanpura Skeleton of child, terracota like pottery, bangles, seals similar to other Harppan sites
India Gujarat Kutch Khirasara Ware House, Industrial area, gold, copper, semi precious stone, shell objects and weight hoards
India Gujarat Kutch Kerala-no-dhoro Salt production centre, by evaporating sea water
India Haryana Fatehabad Kunal Earlies Pre-harappan site, Copper smelting.
India Gujarat Rajkot Kuntasi Small port
India Gujarat Mehsana Loteshwar Ancient acheological
India Gujarat Ahmedabad Lothal Bead making factory, dockyard, button seal, fire altars, painted jar, earlies cultivation of rice
India Jammu & Kashmir Jammu Manda Northern Most Harappan site in Himalayan foodhills
India Gujarat Surat Malwan Southern Most Harappan
India Uttar Pradesh Muzaffarnagar Mandi  
India Haryana Bhiwani Mitathal  
India Gujarat Kutch Pabumath A large building complex, unicorn seal, copper bangles, needles, antimony reds, steatite micro beads; pottery include large and medium size jars, beaker, dishes, dish-on-stand, perforated jars etc.fine red pottery with black painted designs etc.
India Haryana Hisar Rakhigarhi Terrecotta wheels, toys, figuries, pottery. Large site, partially excavated
India Gujarat Ahmedabad Rangpur Seaport
India Gujart Rajkot Rojdi  
India Punjab Rupnagar Rupar  
India Uttar Pradesh Baghpat Sanauli Burial site with 125 burials found
India Gujarat Kutch Shikarpur Food habit details of Harappans
India Haryana Hisar Siswal  
India Uttar Pradesh Baghpat Sothi  
India Gujarat Kutch Surkotada Bones of a horse
  Haryana Fatehabad Balu Earliest evidence of garlic


Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 24th July 2015.
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