Who is the Inventor of World Wide Web (WWW)?

  1. Vinod Dham
  2. Sir John Dalton
  3. Tim Berners-Lee
  4. Bill Gates
Abdul Salam Newbie Asked on 13th August 2015 in Internet.
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    pwan Default Answered on 19th August 2015.
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    Tim Berners-Lee

    Tim Berners-Lee is the Inventor of the World Wide Web (www). Mr. Tim Berners-Lee also implemented the first successful communication between Hyper Transfer Protocol (HTTP). He is the director of the (W3C) World Wide Web Consortium. On October 1990, Tim Berners-lee had written the three fundamental technologies that remain the foundation’s Web

    • HTML: HyperText Markup Language. A language for the Web
    •  URI: Uniform Resource Identifier. A type of “address” that is unique and used to identify to each resource on the Web that’s well known as URL.
    •  HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Allows for the retrieval of linked resources from across the web.

    This Man also awarded by many awards. Tim received knighthood in 2004,  On 13 June 2007, won Order of Merit.


    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 1st September 2015.
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