It is true that progress in knowledge had led to the development

Read the following passage and answer the questions 16 to 20.

It is true that progress in knowledge had led to the development of science and technology which has, in turn, profoundly altered man’s environment. For example, fertilizers and insecticides have increased agricultural output which is required to feed the swelling population of the world. However, both give rise to pollution. Each one in the modern world has accumulated in our bodies a few milligrams of D.D.T, which is a type of insecticide. The D.D.T level in fist is rising and already some fist eating birds are becoming sterile.

  1. The evil effect of the development of science and technology is that
    (a) it decreased production
    (b) it changed man’s environment.
    (c) it made man lazy
    (d) it caused the death of a man.
  2. Increased agriculture output is required
    (a) to provide food to millions of people
    (b) to alter man’s environment
    (c) to help the fertilizer and insecticide industries
    (d) to develop the growth of science
  3. The type of pollution described in the passage is
    (a) sound pollution
    (b) air pollution
    (c) water pollution
    (d) chemical pollution
  4. The two things that give rise to pollution are
    (a) Science and technology
    (b) Fertilizers and insecticides
    (c) Man’s ignorance and carelessness
    (d) Man’s environment and progress
  5. The effect of the rising level of D.D.T. in fist in that
    (a) they are dying
    (b) they are not able to eat more fist
    (c) they are becoming sterile
    (d) their bodies have D.D.T.
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