Reason of Large-Scale Diversity among Organisms is

  • Adaptation
  • mutation
  • Cooperation
  • Polyploidy
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 13th April 2015 in Health & Fitness.
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According to biology, Adaptation means is ‘any alteration or adjustment in structure or habits, often occurring through natural selection, by which a species or individual becomes enable to function in its environment.’
We also can say in other world, Adaption is a type of a special skill which helps to an animal survive and needs to do. its some like as a physical changes in animal body and also some time behavior change.

Some more about Adaptation and some animal;
Many species adapt to their habitat to help them survive in difficult places.
Meerkats have dark circles round their eyes, which helping them see even when the sen is shining very brightly.
Many Desert animal or plant also have adaption to help them survive in the desert climate some likes are, The cactus generally lives in dry places prone to drought, Camels store a large amount of fat in the humps on top of their backs

Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 16th April 2015.
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