Candidate will lose Deposit in Lok Sabha Election, if?

In an election to the Lok Sabha or State Legislative Assembly a candidate will lose his deposit if he fails to secure

  • 1/5th of total valid votes
  • 1/7th of total valid votes
  • 1/6th of total valid votes
  • None of the above
Monis Rasool Professor Asked on 13th March 2015 in Politics.
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    If a candidate failed to secure 1/6the of total valid votes will lose his deposit money. This term is also known as “Jamanat Jabt“.

    As per Sec. 34 (1) (b) of the R.P Act 1951, a general candidate for contesting an Assembly election will have to make a security deposit of Rs. 10,000. A candidate belonging to Scheduled Caste / Tribe will have to make security deposit of Rs. 5,000/-.

    If defeated candidate who fails to secure more than one sixth (1/6) of the valid votes polled in the constituency will lose his security deposit.

    Pushpendra Pal Dean Answered on 13th March 2015.
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