Which One of the Following is Used in Making Pencils?

  1. Black ash
  2. Graphite
  3. Charcoal
  4. Bone black
kailashkumar Default Asked on 25th July 2015 in Chemistry,   Science.
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    Graphite is used in making pencils. graphite, a crystallized form of carbon, was discovered near Keswick, England. You know that the word pencil comes from the Latin word Pencillus, the means of this word is “little tail.” Pencil can write in zero gravity, and were used on space missions by American and Russian astronauts. The first mechanical pencil factory was located in England, which was destroyed in a bombing during WWII.

    You know some fact about Pencil. Let come for some fact about the pencil. You know that One pencil will draw a line 70 miles long. The pencil history is 400 years ago, it’s introduced about 1565 around.

    The biggest pencil in the world is 20 m high which is located in Malaysia. The smallest pencil in the world is 17.5mm short and the world oldest pencil was found in the roof an old german house.

    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 25th July 2015.
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