Mathura School of Arts

Mathura School of Arts in India was introduced by:

  1. Kushans
  2. Satavahanas
  3. Guptas
  4. Indo-Greeks
Manish Listener Asked on 31st October 2014 in History.
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    Answer: Kushans

    The Kushans, who were great patrons of art, ruled over a large empire in North India from AD 1 to AD 175. Two Schools of sculptural art developed during this period Gandhara and Mathura. The gandhar School was based on Greco-Roman norms encapsulating foreign  techniques and an alien spirit on the other side, The Mathura was completely India.

    RE: Mathura School of Arts

    Mathura School of art-
    Mathura School or art is purely indigenous style. Spotted red sandstone has been used in this school.
    The head of the Buddha from Mathura is consistent in the sculptor’s self-imposed abstraction.

    RE: Mathura School of Arts

    Theme may vary from Buddhist to Brahmanical to sometimes secular.
    These were not influenced by Greeco-Roman techniques to that extent.

    Monis Rasool Professor Answered on 13th April 2015.
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