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    Meghalaya is Famous for Pineapples, Mizoram is famous for Bananas ~ True/False

    1. Mizoram is famous for bananas
    2. Meghalaya is famous for pineapples
    • Only I
    • Only 2
    • Both 1 and 2
    • None of these
    Asked by Monis Rasool on 22nd April 2015 in Geography.
    1 Answers

    Both 1 and 2

    First Meghalaya is north-east region of India. Pineapple is one of the most important fruit crops in the Meghalaya. The most prominent pineapple variety grown in the state is Giant Kew. The important crops of the Meghalaya are potato, rice, maize, pineapple etc. Pineapple is the chief horticulture crop.

    Second is Mizoram is north-east of India also. Banana is one of the most important fruits crops in the Mizoram. The main horticulture crops are Mandarin, Orange, Banana, Passion Fruit, Grapes, Harkora etc. “Eat one and get hooked,” is the phrase used for the zobalha, or the Mizoram hill banana.

    Answered by Monis Rasool on 22nd April 2015..