“Meghdoot’ was written by which poet

  1. Humayun Kabir
  2. Khushwant Singh
  3. Banabhatta
  4. Kalidasa
Manish Listener Asked on 9th November 2014 in Literature.
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Meghdoot text and play was written by Kalidasa.

Kalidasa (or Kalidas) was one of the greatest Sanskrit writer born in 5th century AD. He wrote texts in poetic form which were based on Hindu philosophy and Puranas.

Kalidasa’s Plays and Texts:

  1. Abhigyan Shakuntlam
  2. Malavikagnimitram
  3. Meghadoot
  4. Vikramorvasiyam
  5. Kumarsambhava
Pushpendra Pal Dean Answered on 10th November 2014.
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